If you are seeking to develop a professional career and to become an important link of a company with a stimulating working environment, experienced colleagues, along with technical experts of leading technology, please join and develop with us!

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What can we do for you??


We understand one of the factors that makes a company successful is contribution of professional staff. Therefore, we always create and build a work environment that is professional, friendly and convenient. This allows each individual to develop their creativity and reach their own potential to make a big difference. At APC, we help you orient your career and create opportunities to develop your strengths.

We always ensure the safety, confidence and work-and-life balance with various sport activities for employees and partners, such as football, badminton, tennis, golf… to bring relax after work, and enhance the collective cohesion.


With the concept “human resource is the fundamental factor for sustainable development”, we focus on the progression of regulations, remuneration policies and benefits for the staff such as wages, annual bonus; social and health insurance. Additionally, our company is equipped with the International Health standards to give employees the peace of mind while working. Furthermore, the company annually organizes the travel program which includes resorts within the country as well as abroad.


We do not stop at the knowledge and skill you currently have. We follow the motto “Learn Today for Tomorrow”, exchange information and evaluate to find ways to work more efficiently and promote new knowledge for continuous improvement.
With a leadership and management team that has many years of experience, we will directly train employees, help employees find their career orientation, improve work and communication skills, maintain high morale, self-discipline and responsibility. At APC, you will be trained and will always be motivated to reach your goals.

Furthermore, employees can experience training programs in foreign countries such as USA, Europe, Australia, Japan … to gain knowledge and experience required in implementing projects in accordance with international standards.