Equatorial Hotel (Malaysia)

Project Name: EQUATORIAL 5 Stars International Hotel

Capacity: 1x 450RT
(Chiller Replacement for energy saving)

Equatorial hotel has been in Vietnam since 1995, one of leading hotels who is very interested in energy saving. Following the purpose, there are a lot of outlined solutions from consultants for chiller plant sent to the Owner but still don’t get the acceptance

Equatorial hotel info:
Standard: international 05 stars hotel
Operated from: 1995
CE: Mr. Chan Kum Yuen
Add: 242, Tran Binh Trong street, district 5, HCMC, Vietnam

Trane Chiller has play the role with around 4.5 of COP, non-VFD for chilled water pump system, condenser water pump system, and cooling tower system. 2,112,000 kWh/year for chiller plant next to annual maintenance cost is very high.

Project Scope:
The optimum solution was determined to be installation of SMARDT oil free – high efficiency chiller and CPECS solution for chilled water pump system, condenser water pump system, cooling tower system as a Turnkey Solution for chiller plant. 30% of saving was expected.

The revolutionary of energy saving has came to Equatorial hotel, just only around 67,830 kWh/month of chiller plant consumption at 4 first months

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